RSS feed from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

What are RSS feeds?

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and allows you to subscribe to contents of a website.

Every time new press releases, newsletters or Humboldt Kosmos articles are posted on the Humboldt Foundation’s website, they can automatically be displayed in your Web browser or an RSS newsreader without having to reload the site.

How can I subscribe to the Humboldt Foundation’s RSS feed?

If you click the RSS button RSS or the corresponding link, your Web browser will normally show you the newsfeed at once and offer you a selection of applications or programmes you can use for subscribing to it. If the RSS feed is not displayed in your Web browser, please update your browser. RSS is supported by all current browser versions (e.g. Internet Explorer starting with version 7, Firefox starting with version 2, Safari starting with version 2 and Opera starting with version 5.7). Most browsers allow you to add RSS feeds to your bookmarks or favourites. In the help menu of your browser you should be able to find more information about subscribing to RSS feeds.

If you prefer to scan your RSS feeds without using your Web browser, then you need to download an RSS reader. There are many such readers available on the Internet for free download. The advantage is that you can constantly access our headlines without firing up your Web browser.

Many mail programmes are also equipped to receive and organise RSS feeds for you (e.g. Microsoft Outlook – all releases starting in 2007, Mozilla Thunderbird and Opera). Refer to the help menu of your mail programme for instructions on how to use it as an RSS reader.