Advancing research communication:
Humboldt Communication Lab for Exchange between Research and Media

Whether the subject be climate change or the corona pandemic, science and research have a number of responsibilities that include keeping up the dialogue  with society. The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has been launching a series of workshops called Communication Lab for Exchange between Research and Media to help scientists on the one hand and journalists on the other enhance the skills needed for this.

The first Communication Lab for Exchange between Research and Media took place from June 12 to 16 2020 as an online workshop. The journalistic results will be published here shortly.

Communication Lab for Exchange between Research and Media

The Humboldt Foundation is now offering ten of her fellows the opportunity to discuss the challenges involved in research communication and carry out joint projects with journalists in each workshop of its Communication Lab for Exchange between Research and Media series.

The idea behind these workshops: twice a year, ten Humboldt Fellows will meet with ten junior journalists from throughout the world. The ten participating journalists will be selected from the International Journalists’ Programmes organisation (IJP e.V.) The participants will be divided into 10 two-person teams. Each team will work on a piece of journalism during the course of a three-day workshop. Highly qualified mentors will supervise the process of producing a journalistic work. During these workshops, participants will discuss what they expect from one another, what makes for successful collaboration, and what constitutes good research communication.

First Communication Lab for Exchange  between Research and Media
Ten Humboldtians meet ten alumni of the International Journalists` Programmes to produce ten pieces of research communication at the Communication Lab for Exchange between Research and Media.

The corona crisis – An opportunity for research communication

Research communication has received massive attention throughout the world during the corona pandemic. Politicians have taken decisions on the basis of expert knowledge. This information has been competently communicated to the general public in Germany and elsewhere. The Foundation wants to strengthen the role played by research communication beyond the current crisis. 

Against this backdrop, the first Communication Lab revolved around the subject of the corona pandemic.

Online from 12 - 16 June: 

First online Communication Lab for Exchange between Research and Media – Research Communication at a Pivotal Moment: 
"Global Research as a driver of change in pandemic and post-pandemic societies – Tell your story!"

Selected researchers who work on subjects related to the pandemic or post-pandemic society had been invited to attend. The Communication Lab has laid a foundation for communicating to civil society proposals for scientific solutions to global societal challenges using a variety of modes and channels. The focus was on narrative digital formats. Experts from the media, the science community and the political sector have examined important aspects of science communication and journalism in their lectures. The workshops have the aim of encouraging participants to communicate their research work, and offering them a space where they can "test the waters". Here they can practise their communication skills together with journalists and develop a deeper understanding for journalistic ways of thinking. 


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