Cover: Humboldt Kosmos 111/2020 - Better Connected

No. 111/2020

Better Connected!

How cooperation benefits research

The strength of academic networks: Our cover story addresses the topics of the moment. Global challenges like Corona and climate change can only be solved by joint efforts worldwide and by international collaboration – in research as well as in politics.

In our Focus you can read how international research networks function and how they mutate under the impact of new challenges. How can digital tools help? How is researcher mobility changing in the face of flight shaming? How, for example, does practical cooperation work within an international network that collects and analyses soil samples  in arid regions around the world in order to develop measures to combat climate change?

Particularly in times of crisis like the present, collaboration, trust and solidarity are the qualities that sustain international research networks and send a signal against isolationism and national self-interest. Given the backdrop of the current Corona crisis, that, too,  is one of the messages of this magazine.


Tomorrow’s Network

From Alexander von Humboldt to webinars: The benefits of academic networks and how they need to keep developing in the future.


Achieving More Together

Nobel Prize Winners and their scientific connections: An insight into the world-spanning Humboldt Network as an interactive map.


The Desert Is Alive!

Fernando T. Maestre investigates how protecting arid regions can help to mitigate climate change - together with a global research network. 

Humboldtians in Private

Kween Kong: Comedy Against Racism

Mayowa is a film maker, YouTuber, model and event host. She moved to Berlin as a German Chancellor Fellow - and discovered stand-up comedy as a form of expression.

Brief Enquiries

What Drives Researchers and What They Are doing

Climate change in the ice, a mission to Mars, Museum projects for children: A look into the research of Humboldtians - now in a new formate.

Close Up on Research

Spellbound by the Black Hole

An international network of radio astronomers managed to take the first picture of a black hole in space.. Leader of the alliance: Humboldt Research Award Winner, Anton Zensus.

Focus on Germany

AI in Germany – A Fast-Learning System

German research has a lot going for it in the field of artificial intelligence. An overview with an interactive map. 


Now Open to South Africa, Too

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation will soon be inviting young professionals from South Africa to become German Chancellor Fellows in Germany .


Up to 30 Professorships in Artificial Intelligence

Up to 30 additional Alexander von Humboldt Professorships in the field of Artificial Intelligence are to be filled in the years up to 2024.

The Faces of the Foundation

Always Good for a Tango

Who actually does what at Humboldt headquarters? Who are the people behind the scenes? This page is devouted to the colleagues at the Humboldt foundation. Today: Christine May.